Thursday 16 March 2006

Friday Morning Prayer for 2006-02-24

Good morning Mr Kwok, teachers and students.
For those who are in form 4 or above, you may remember me. For those who are in form three or below, you may be wondering who I am. I am Brother William, a Franciscan brother who was teaching here three years ago. I used to teach English, Music and of course, RE (that's religious education, in case you don't remember).
I have been away for the past two years to do further studies. I am very glad and thankful to come back to the big happy family of SJSS, although I am not going to be a regular teacher. You know what, during the time that I was away, I really missed saying morning prayer with you, singing songs and sharing stories about God and life. Therefore I am very happy to be back in your midst. Many students have asked me what I am doing here. Well, to make a long story short, I am the same Brother William, although I am not doing the same work as before.
Two days ago, it was announced that the Bishop of Hong Kong, Bishop Joseph Zen, will become a Cardinal of the Church. As a cardinal, he will be allowed to vote for the Pope. He is the same Bishop Zen, although he may not be doing the same work as before.How about you? Are you the same as the one of yesterday? Would you tell your teachers that it is not the same you who has forgotten to bring certain homework or class work to class?

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