Thursday 19 October 2006

Poem for Friday 20 November 2006

Students, please listen to what I have to say:

“Seek your ADVENTURE!” not just on Day A.

Think outside the BOX! That means be creative!

From Day B onwards, be innovative!

C is for COURAGE and there is no more fear!

Follow your CONVICTIONS that you hold dear.

Let’s say: “I can DO it! You just wait and see!”

That’s faith in yourself, starting from Day D.

Manage your time wisely! Why not make a plan?

So NO more EXCUSES – I know you can!

I trust everything will be FINE and okay.

So try your best: “Your FUTURE starts today!”

No quitting in this school – O certainly not!

Never GIVE up but GIVE it all you’ve GOT!

GOD will GIVE you strength and bless SJSS.

Your teachers love you – expect nothing less.

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