Sunday 3 June 2007

Being 42

A good friend of mine has just celebrated his 42nd birthday. This is what he said:
You might think that, I, being 42, would have something to say to the world. But actually not much. So I know I am incapable of constantly contributing to my own blog. So I have none.

Able to reach 42 and not causing great harm is quite an achievement and deserves rewards. Indeed, mine is a rewarding life. I am very aware of the fact that I am not an over-achiever but I am over-rewarded with comfort and peace. That is good enough for me.
As I am turning 42 shortly, I reflect on what I could say to the world. As a Franciscan friar, I just wish to continue what St Francis has been saying: preaching the Gospel of peace...

My friend is very grateful for all the grace -- in the form of comfort and peace -- received in his 42 years. I have known him for 37 years.... all the since Grade One at that little Morrison Hill Primary School. His friendship is certainly part of the blessings that I count year after year.

Come to think of it, there were not too many of us in Miss Chan's J1A Class of Morrison Hill Primary. Only 12. I wonder how the other 10 are doing, now that they have turned 42 or will do so soon. If anyone out there reading this is from Morrison Hill Primary School, please drop us a note. Meanwhile, hang in there...


  1. The 42 years old guy4 June 2007 at 14:58

    Brother William,
    There were only 12 pupils in our grade-1 class? Wow, it was a stark contrast to the current class size of 20 or more. In the region where I live now, the teacher union constantly complains about the large class size. Hey, I recall we have encountered a rare teacher job action while we were in grade 1 or 2.

  2. LD: I think that we knew each other for over 40 years (yes! for those of you who are reading this blog, yes I knew him that long!)… but I thought that you went to NP Methodist primary school instead?