Friday 25 July 2008

Shichien - a jolly good landscape architect

Could anyone believe that it has been TWENTY years, TWO DECADES since I started my post-grad studies at U of Edinburgh???
I was aspiring to be a landscape architect... a bit disillusioned with becoming a town planner, wanting to do more designing...
There I met Shichien Huang, a fellow student from Taiwan, Architecture graduate from 成功大學 - 2o years ago. At the top floor of Minto House, 20 Chambers Street, Department of Architecture, EH1 1JZ.... (I still remember the PostCode...!)

After working in Taichung for some years, she continued her career in the other China (Mainland), got married to a lucky man in Beijing and started a family there.

She came back to TW to visit her family (and really for the 20th anniversary of graduating from Cheng Kung University) and we met up one day to visit a wooden sculpture museum in Sanyi, County Miaoli.

She has now an adorable son, 7 years old.

I still remember one time, when she was mentioned by Dr Byrom (the director for the Landscape Architecture Programme at U of Edin) in her absence to a guest lecturer, the comment was: "Shichien [pronounced in a French way with the CH sounding like SH-- what a beautiful name - she must be jolly interesting person." Indeed, Shichien is jolly interesting and has been a jolly good friend all these years.

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